Supply Chain

We have good cooperations with our suppliers and share our specialized knowledge and result of practice in order to improve their comprehensive strength. BTW, we'd require our supplier to achieve our self-defined request. The essence of supply chain: connect company with other kinds of industry to highlight the importance of cooperation which brings the best suppliers and positive changes.

Solve the Tax Problems

Many industries rely on imported raw materials from coastal cities to produce their products. These materials include cloth, spices, chemicals and polymers,etc. Due to these materials are used in many products, such as electronic products, clothing bags, airplane parts, medical supplies, etc. so these raw materials continued to be in great demand.

Our transit warehouse located in HK which is one of the regions that can be found and store these materials in a large number of areas around the world. Since the warehouse was put into used, there has been non violation of the national tax policy. All import and export goods and raw materials are subject to relevant national laws and policies to maintain the socialist economic order.

Supply Chain

As a producer of products contains the raw materials mentioned above, H-sun promises to operate as a socially responsible manner. H-sun's policy is to stop buying any problematic raw materials. We expect all suppliers could follow this policy. We have informed all suppliers about our policy on raw materials, and require each supplier to provide us the raw material which reach the stanard. Also, H-sun always talk about this issue through lectures, seminars and stakeholder meetings on education suppliers, investors and clients.                                                                                                                                                        The product supply chain is very complex which brings many difficulties. The purchase of these raw materials are in front of the final product been assembled, so it was difficult to track the original source of the raw materials. In addition, many raw materials are produced with recyclable polymers. At that stage, it is virtually impossible to trace the source of the material. Tracking the source of these raw materials (from procurement to processing to final production) is so complex that we cannot do it alone.

Supplier Responsibility

H-sun committed to carry out the responsible enterprise practice, we enable the supplier to adhere to the high standard. We've put ourselves in a world of diverse cultures, countries/regions and different levels of economic development. Even if the world is diverse, we believe there must be certain standards that transcend national boundaries, cultures and differences. This is the basic conditions for H-sun to do business all over the world.

H-sun and its suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their business areas. We also hope that H-sun's suppliers can stick to the highest ethics standards, Fair deal for their employees and give them dignity and respect, abide by the laws of the local citizens and travel service industry.

Supplier Diversification

The company which is in line with the purchase specifications and excellent standards of H-sun, will have the opportunity to cooperate with H-sun and provide high quality products and services to H-sun and its customers. Includes but not limited to viewing small scale enterprise standard tables which contains the number of employees, annual income, and other listed standards.