Ying Qun


Mr. Ying qun has been committed to the operation and development of aviation products for 30 years. He has studied in the United States in professional training institutions and accumulated a lot of industry experience, then the results in its investment of listed companies and subsidiaries, H-sun gradually become a leader in the industry. He has become the CEO of the company, and under his leadership, he has completed the transformation of a single trading company into a diversified public company.


Tan Bing

Vice-general Manager and Sales Director

Mr. Tan bing is deputy general manager and sales director of overseas markets. He was in charge of the company's global supply system, overseeing global manufacturing, procurement and supply activities. He co-founded and joined hong shenghua in 1987, and has since held many department management positions. He moved to product development in 1989 and was promoted to head of development in 1995. In 1997, tan bing's supervisor transferred to the production department and led the staff to improve production quality and efficiency. Subsequently, he acted as the manager of the company's export trading department and was in charge of a series of operations for overseas markets. Under his leadership, the company's global market share gradually came to the top.


Wang Lan

Domestic Sales Director

Mr Wang has more than 30 years of experience in the commercial market and has rich experience in domestic business and aviation travel market. Mr Wang Lan, a former administrative personnel director, office director and a senior adviser to enterprise development, has recently been appointed as director of sales, domestic fully responsible for all business strategy, development and deployment. Before this, Mr Wang Lan in zhongnan design institute work for 23 years, with national level 2 project manager certification, his leadership has carried out many projects, including acquisitions, strategic planning, new business incubation and strategic alliance. During the tenure, the maximum efficiency of the process and the high level of safety and quality are well received by the industry.


Luo Bin

Finance Director

Mr. Robin, a respected veteran of the manufacturing industry, has brought extensive experience in business, finance and financial management to the company. Once served as the chief financial officer of "wok wok group" and "senior high infrared", he was responsible for leading the company's financial audit, corporate tax and legal consulting, etc. Meanwhile, Mr. Luo bin, a senior certified public accountant, graduated from education college in hubei province.


Peng Fangxin

Human Resources Director

Mr. Peng fangxin, director of administration and personnel, directly oversees the company's recruitment business, and manages the company's personnel management and dispatch team. In addition, Mr Peng new staff training in the company, the ideological education, the production management and so on various aspects have played an indispensable role, Mr Peng fang xin has 30 years of working history in manufacturing, a former production director and purchasing manager position. He graduated from hunan engineering college material management major. In the future, he will help hong shenghua attract and retain top talent in the airline industry.