Corporate Responsibility

wuhan h-sun resources co.,ltd has become a global leader in the manufacture of travel products.

we have announced to the world that it is time for aircraft industry to regain its place as the world's most unique industry. we believe that travel journey should not only be move from place a to b, but a process of experience, and we always focus on how to make our customers enjoy this journey.

"h-sun" has established a good reputation in the field of amenity kits and travelling products in the global industry. we focus on the continuous improvement and innovative thinking of travelling products, no matter how big or small we are.  this is the core of our work.

As one of the world's most innovation and creation travelling supplies, H-sun has serviced for world-class airlines and travelling suppliers, and provide the most diverse and luxurious travelling products for individuals and businesses every day. With the incomparable good design and the award-winning products supply, by the leadership team with over 30 years of travel supplies production experience supervision, H-sun provides excellent design customization, purchasing management, on-demand production, timely delivery and marketing.


Wuhan H-sun Resources Co.,Ltd  China since 2010 has its own factory, we will include the expansion of R & D center, exhibition center and a complete set of China Hongsheng Industrial Park